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CASE STUDY: Magic Matty

Submission Film: “Magic Matty” A short film about a birthday party magician who goes out of his way to help a lonely kid. The project was directed by my good friend Nico Raineau. He wanted to produce a short for HBO’s 2014 Project Greenlight competition. This didn’t translate into much for me on set, except there would be a quick turn around […]

METHOD: Working From Tableaux

Tableau – A picturesque grouping of persons or objects; a striking scene. – A representation of a picture, statue, scene, etc., by one or more persons suitably costumed and posed. What originally sparked me to share my views on this method was a recent meeting I had. I met with a director who sketched out dozens of story boards that, while I applaud the effort, they were in many ways completely useless to me as a cinematographer. He had essentially […]